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Where's the best place to enter in contact with you?
Where do i commisssion you?

The place I'm most active is Twitter/discord, @alwaysfaceleft/Tramontes, DMs are always open. feel free to ask anything related to commission/Patreon.

Commission requests are done via Form on the commission's page.

*Remember, it's not first come first served.

Where do you announce when you're opening commissions?
When do you open commissions?

Currently, I'm announcing commission openings on my Patreon's discord. For public commission openings, I'll announce them on twitter, Bluesky, and Tumblr.

Will you draw 'X' or 'Y'?

I don't like drawing masculine bodies, humans, gore, and final fantasy levels of clothing design/complexity.

What's your limit on "NSFW"?

Ask before.

I'm pretty comfy with moderately hyper genitals and excessive genital fluids. but I can do other stuff too like light bondage or latex, feel free to ask anything on my discord.

I won't draw: scat, watersports...

Are your commissions refundable?

In short, no.

Will you provide Works In Progress(W.I.Ps)?

Yes. I usually give 3 updates before finishing the artwork.

Can you edit/change/add [thing]?

If it's a minor modification, like a color change or minor details, there will be no additional charge.
If it's a major modification, like a change in the body proportions or anything that requires a good chunk of the drawing to be redone, there will be an additional charge. check Commission Prices for more detail

How the queue system work?

Who's on the top of the queue, it's the next person to get their commission done.

Commissioners with the priority tag are put at the top of the queue.

If you're not on priority, you need to wait for your turn.

It's expected that you may wait up to a month to get your commission done. Because of that, you can bail off the queue at any moment. (But, please, dm me if you want to bail off)

How the Priority tag works?
How do i get the Priority tag?

Commissions on the queue that has the Priority tag get done first.
Priority tags are given to patrons of the highest Patreon tier, then to all other patrons, and then to recurrent commissioners.

How the discount works?

Patrons and previous commissioners get a discount to their commissions. see the price sheet (link)

Can i get a NSFW artwork without a Clean edit?


How to commission a nsfw artwork

Go to Commissions Form page and fill the form with your idea. Make sure to describe what you want and include the necessary reference, or if you don't have it you can describe it. If you wish to include edits(cum edit, inflation, genitals, ...) make sure to check the "I want edits" checkbox in the form!

[Patreon] Can i get a nsfw Sketch from the Sketch Streams?

Yes, if i feel like it.

[Patreon] How the Early Access work?

The patrons will have early access to at least 3 artworks at any given point in time. 

That means the window time of "Early Access" can vary from a few days to several months.

[Patreon] I commissioned an artwork with an NSFW edit, will the NSFW edit be locked behind the paywall forever?

The artwork is yours and you can do anything to it (unless it goes against the tos).

Commissioned NSFW edits will not be locked behind paywalls

[Patreon] I'm subbed to your patreon, do i get the patron discounts?

If your tier includes the "Commission discounts" reward then you're eligible for the discount.



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